Lycon Precision Waxing

Lycon Precision Waxing system is a world leader in waxing technologies and is now available at Nataya Beauty in Manchester city centre. It’s uniquely strong (the strongest on the market) but astoundingly gentle. The rights to their special formula and technology are owned by Lycon which in turn means it cannot be copied.

The “Strip Wax” is designed to be used for legs and arms, and the “Hot Wax” is used for more sensitive areas. They include face, underarms and female intimate waxing.

At Nataya Beauty, we offer our clients the best waxing treatments Manchester has to offer!

Clients can also visit our Waxing Aftercare page for help and tips on keeping your skin clean and healthy pre and post waxing. Customers can also buy aftercare products in our webshop.

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Please call us on 0161 832 2448 for more information or use our online booking system to book your Lycon Wax appointment in our waxing salon in Manchester now!


The Lycon brand uses the finest Australian resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. Clients will find it’s renowned for its elasticity compounds, hence the reduction in pain whilst removing hair. Delivering superior performance while removing stubborn hair even as short as 1mm.

The wax has a low temperature formula, which is perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face or body. It can be re-applied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without skin irritation.

Hot wax – a pre-waxing oil is applied when using hot wax. This acts as a barrier for skin and as a result it can give a 50% reduction in pain compared to other wax products on the market. Lycon wax shrink-wraps around the hair (not the skin) as it cools, and removes hair from the root giving long lasting hair free skin.


Below contains a list of contra-indications. Consequently, this may prevent your waxing appointment. Check none of the below apply and if you have any queries or concerns please contact the waxing salon:

  • skin disorders or diseases
  • sexually transmitted infection
  • urinary infection
  • allergies to any products being used during treatment i.e. nuts
  • high vitamin A medication i.e. Roaccutane

  • Great experience (even if we talk about leg wax 🙂 ) Nataya is very friendly and the wax was literally painless. Very recommend

    Eliana Cappello

  • Nataya is very gentle and extremely good at waxing. I dread having it done but she is so gentle it doesn’t hurt and I would recommend her to anyone.


  • Incredibly painless experience, Nataya is simply amazing. Will definitely be coming back.


  • One of the least painful waxes I’ve ever had!


  • I went for a leg wax and couldn’t recommend Nataya any more. She did not rush my appointment which I appreciated.


  • Nataya creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The wax used is not too hot, feels nice in the skin and works well.


  • I have a Hollywood waxing regularly and it’s never going to be completely pain free but this is as near as it gets! Therapist was lovely from start to finish and is very skilled at what she does highly recommended and I will be returning here when it nexts needs doing


  • The wax was super thorough – not just the bare minimum like you sometimes get. Great experience, and lovely staff! I enjoyed my visit (as much as you can enjoy a leg wax)


  • Excellent experience! Nataya made me feel very comfortable and did a great job. The Lycon hot wax is excellent quality and was far less painful than other types. All in all, I’d highly recommend!


  • Incredibly painless experience, Nataya is simply amazing. Will definitely be coming back.


  • One of the least painful waxes I’ve ever had!


  • Had lip waxing for the first time with Nataya. My skin is soft and I am really happy with the result. Will be back again x


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